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Surround yourself in the Camino.
Envelop yourself in the energy of your walk.

Blessings and Buen Camino!

Before I left for the Camino, in my early planning stages, I searched for a scarf that represented this pilgrimage. I enjoy wearing scarves, and I was looking for something to represent this powerful dream of mine.

I did not find one, but the seed of this idea was planted, and upon my return I began working with a local artist to design scarves that represented this amazing journey. Something that I could wear that would remind me of the experience of my Camino in a visceral way.

I believe that the Camino de Santiago is a vein of goodness criss-crossing throughout Europe and into Spain. We who will walk, and we who have walked are an eternal part of that vein - across time and borders.

As we know, the Camino doesn’t end in Santiago, or Finesterre or Muxia – the Camino continues to thread its way through our lives.

Whether you wear it as a fashion statement, a prayer or meditation shawl, a Birdwoman Scarf provides a way for you to connect to your personal experience, bringing that energy into the present moment, into El Camino de su Vida.


Like many of you, I hope to walk multiple Caminos! On my wish list are Camino di Francesco, Camino Portuguese, and the European Peace Walk. I am currently avidly following a friend of mine who is walking the Via de la Plata - and her descriptions are enticing me there as well! 

 A note from Kim Lockhart, watercolor artist

It has been my pleasure and privilege to be invited to create artwork for the Camino scarves project. I dedicate my watercolors, especially the sunflowers, to my dear friend and mentor, Cheron Joy Mayhall. Her love for life and courage in the face of adversity was an inspiration to all. She made a spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago in search of a miracle, but the true miracle was Cheron herself.